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Managing customer profiles

On the left-hand side, navigate to the Customers section.

From there, you can use the search bar to find the customer or you can navigate to a segment of your customers by filtering to a specific player type.

Click on the customer to bring up their profile or account.

Profile tab

The profile tab will show you the customer information such as gender, date of birth, email, phone number, and address. To add any of the information for the customer, click on Edit on the top right.

As well as their membership end date *if applicable, and any custom field that has been created. Integrations are listed at the bottom of the profile tab. If you have the POS this is where you can easily navigate to the customer's profile in Lightspeed Retail by clicking on the Register icon.


The reservation tab will show you all past and upcoming reservations for the customer, from there you can easily see their no-show bookings or the ones that have been canceled.


The packages tab will show all the expired and active packages that they have purchased. You can see their usages, date of purchase, and beneficiaries for each of their packages. For more information on packages, our Creating packages article and the Packages Overview article.

House account

The house account tab will allow you to access the transaction and payment history for any customer. For more information on house accounts, consult our house account article.

Depending on your account, it's possible you don't have the house accounts tab. If you would like more information, contact your Account Manager.


The subscriptions tab refers to any subscription product sold to the customer such as memberships or services. From here you will be able to see all past, active and inactive memberships for a customer.


  • Canceled: a subscription that was canceled
  • Expired: Subscription ended on the date
  • Active: the current subscription of the customer
  • Inactive: Upcoming membership that starts in the future

Depending on your account, it's possible you don't have the subscription tab. If you would like more information, contact your Account Manager. For more information on subscriptions, consult our selling memberships & services article

Payment methods

The payment methods tab will allow you to add a credit card or ACH account to a customer profile that can then be used for automatic billing, and subscriptions.

For information on adding payment methods, ACH Payment method, Credit Card payment method.

You need Stripe or Lightspeed Payments configured in order to store payment information for a customer.


The preferences tab will allow you to toggle on the prefers to receive their house account statement by mail. When you export, your monthly statement you can filter to only the customers with this setting toggled on.

This will only appear for accounts with the House Account tab.

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