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Selling memberships and services through subscriptions

Memberships and services need to be created separately before they can be sold to customers through subscriptions.

Memberships, services, and bundles can be sold to customers using the subscription module. This allows them to be managed with scheduled start and end dates with auto-renewal settings, through multiple payment methods. 

Seasonal operations may want to use the Default end date setting to ensure all subscriptions are sold with an end date that corresponds with closing season. This setting is found under Settings > Defaults. Otherwise, end dates will default to one calendar year after the chosen start date, but can be adjusted manually for each subscription sold.

Selling a subscription to a customer profile 

Customers can only have one active membership combined with any number of active services.

Navigate to a customer profile, select the Subscriptions tab, then click Sell. This will open the subscription sale window, where you can adjust the subscription's details. 

When you are finished adjusting subscription settings, click Continue. 

Adding a subscription to a sale

  1. Click Add.
  2. Select Membership, Service, or Bundle
  3. Select the subscription product you want to include in the sale, then click Assign. The chosen subscription product will populate in the Summary section.
  4. Click on the subscription product's name to adjust the pricing and discount amount, if applicable.

Adjusting start and end dates

You can adjust the subscriptions start and end dates in the Schedule section. The start date will set itself to today, while the end date will be set to the chosen Default end date setting. If one is not set, the end date will default to one calendar year after the chosen start date.

Click on the Start and End date fields to adjust them using the calendar window. You can also type dates into these fields directly with a YYYY-MM-DD format. 

Using auto-renewal

Automatic renewals will be processed according to their prices set in settings, not at the prices at which they were originally sold.

You can set a subscription to automatically renew itself when it reaches the chosen end date. This will process a charge through the selected payment method and activate another subscription.

Click to enable the toggle after choosing start and end dates to see how often auto-renewal will process.

Auto-renewed subscriptions last as long as the initial subscription, but if they were to renew between 26-34 days or 363-368 days, they'll be adjusted to monthly or yearly memberships. For example, a subscription starting on October 1st, and set to end on October 28th, will instead finish on October 31st, with the auto-renewed subscription beginning on November 1st.

Processing subscription payments

In the Sales tab, you can adjust the payment strategy and payment method for the subscription.

Once you have selected the payment method, click Save.

Setting a payment strategy

Subscription charges can be partitioned across multiple payments, with one processing each month according to the day of the month chosen as the Start of the billing cycle.

However, you can process the first payment today by enabling the Take first payment today setting. Click the 3 dots button under payment methods to adjust this setting.

Auto-renewed subscriptions will initiate the first monthly payment within the first 30 days of renewal, regardless of the initial subscription's payment schedule. The auto-renewal adjusts to start billing at the beginning of the new period for subscriptions that previously started payments later in the term.

Choosing a payment method

When selling a subscription to a customer profile, the final selection is selecting the payment method.

Credit Card

Charging a credit card on file allows you to bill membership dues directly. You also have the option to partition the payment into however many consecutive months, according to the payment strategy.

On Account

Charging a customer's house account allows you to bill membership dues onto their monthly statements, according to the payment strategy. 


Charing a subscription sale to the register will open the POS where you can process a lump sum payment. Subscriptions charged to the register can not be partitioned or auto-renewed.

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