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About house accounts

Please review House Account Version 1 articles if you see Version 1 in Settings > House Accounts.

House accounts streamline financial management in Lightspeed Golf for your customers, with quick setup and real-time balance updates.

Creating house accounts

In Lightspeed Golf, house accounts can be created from a customer's profile by clicking Create House Account. A credit account in Lightspeed Retail is not necessary to create a house account in Lightspeed Golf.

Learn more in our guide to Creating house accounts.


Charging and refunding house accounts

House accounts can be used to directly charge customers for multiple Lightspeed Golf products, including reservation fees, subscriptions, and packages. Alternatively, a custom menu button in the register in Lightspeed Retail can be used to charge house accounts for transactions from Lightspeed Retail.

A similar custom menu button can also be used to refund house account transactions from Lightspeed Retail.

Reporting on house accounts

The Payments Received report in Lightspeed Retail will allow you to keep track of all house account transactions individually.

You can also find helpful reports in Lightspeed Golf > Reports, including the Statements, Aging, Balance, and Auto Billing reports. (hyperlink out to renovated content)

Learn more in our guide to Reporting on house accounts.

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