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House account automatic billing

At a glance

  • Billing Cycle and Monthly Notice settings can be adjusted in Settings → House Account
    • These settings apply to all customer profiles
  • Enabling automatic billing is accomplished for each customer profile in their House Account tab
    • You will be asked to select a payment method saved in their customer profile
  • In the Payment History at the bottom of the house account page, automatic billing charges will be listed as “Statement”


  • Automatic billing will charge amounts matching the previous month's closing balance(s)
    • If a June statement had a closing balance of $500 amount due, automatic billing will process on the date selected, for the $500
  • Enabling automatic billing will only impact the next month
    • Example: automatic billing enabled in April will process for the first time in May
  • Reports can be found in all Lightspeed platforms related to the charge(s)
    • This includes Lightspeed Golf, Retail (R-Series), and Restaurant (L-Series) respectively

House account settings

  1. Navigate to Settings → House Accounts from the sidebar
    • Only Owner & Manager employee profiles can access these settings
  2. Set the Billing Cycle date
    • This will correspond to the day of the month that automatic billing will process, across all customer profiles that have it enabled 
  3.  Enable or Disable monthly notice emails
    • When enabled, these will always send on the first of the month
    • Customers could also log in to their dashboard in order to see their account balances if they have activated their profile online


Enabling house account automatic billing

  1. Navigate to the customer profile where automatic billing is to be enabled for
  2. Open the House Account tab
  3. Enable the Automatic Billing toggle button 
  4. Choose the Payment Method saved on file to be used for automatic billing
    • If a payment method is not yet added, you will be prompted to add one


House account payment history

  • House Account Payment History is listed at the bottom of the house account tab
  • It lists all payments processed from the House Account from Lightspeed Golf, as well as automatic billing payments
  • Payments with a description of “Statement” represent automatic billing charges, while charges with a description of “Payment” were processed manually 
  • You can click on the status to see more information, and any notes left with the payment


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