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Configuring house account automatic billing

Processing house account payments through automatic billing ensures that your customers are paying off their amounts due on time. Auto billing processes once a month on a chosen date. 

When enabled, payments through auto billing will process according to the amount of the previous month's closing balance, less any manual payments made. For example, if a customer owes $500 at the end of June, but made a payment of $200 towards his balance on June 15th, a payment for $300 will process in July.

House account settings

  1. Navigate to Settings > House Accounts.
    • Only Owner & Manager employee profiles can access settings.
  2. Set the Billing Cycle day of the month to process auto billing.
    • This setting will affect all customer profiles that have auto billing enabled.
  3.  Toggle monthly notice emails on or off for Golfers and Tour Operators.
    • Monthly notices will be sent on the first of the month if enabled.
    • Golfers can also see their account balances by logging in to their customer profile.


Enabling house account automatic billing

The first payment to be processed through automatic billing will be processed the next calendar month after it is enabled in a customer profile. For example, enabling auto billing in March will ensure that the first payments will be processed at the chosen date in April.

  1. Navigate to a customer profile.
  2. Select the House Account tab.
  3. Enable the Automatic Billing toggle. 
  4. Select a Payment Method to use for future automatic billing payments.


House account payment history

Payments history can be reviewed from the bottom of the house account tab in a customer's profile. It lists all payments processed towards the House Account balance from Lightspeed Golf, Lightspeed Retail (R-Series), and Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series), if applicable.

Payments with a description of Statement represent automatic billing charges, while charges with a description of Payment were processed manually.  

You can click on the status to see more information and any notes left with the payment.


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