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End of season checklist

This end of season checklist below serves as a comprehensive guide to assist you in efficiently wrapping up the season. Using Lightspeed Golf's detailed reports to understand your operations better, this checklist covers all the essential steps you need to take.

A PDF copy of the checklist is also attached at the bottom of this article.

For access to business intelligence reports, please log in through the Chronogolf.com domain.

Lightspeed Golf

  • Turn off online booking or block any remaining tee times.
  • Notify the support team to be switched to Off Season mode.
    • The support team can also help you prevent your members from receiving membership expiry emails by temporarily muting all emails.
  • Consult Business Intelligence reports to identify season trends for next season’s rates.
    • Rounds --> Pace Comparison
      • This report compares the current year's number of rounds, average revenue, and total revenue to last year's figures.

    • Rounds --> Player Type / Product / State
      • This report displays the rounds played, reserved, and no-show instances per player type, along with the associated revenue from carts.

    • Rounds --> Player Summary
      • This report offers a dashboard view of rounds played by customers and guests, including details on specific customers and the number of rounds played in a specified time frame
    • Customers --> Overview
      • This report provides a comprehensive view of your customer database.
    • Customers --> Leaderboard
      • This report highlights your top customers in various categories including most rounds played, no-shows, and cancellations, as well as the revenue generated from these leading customers through carts and rounds.

    • Subscriptions --> Overview
      • This report displays data on active, expired, and sold subscriptions through charts and graphs.

    • Subscriptions --> Sold
      • This report shoes all subscriptions sold in a chosen timeframe.

    • Packages --> Overview
      • This report provides a comprehensive overview of all your packages.

  • Begin creating next season’s subscripctions and/or packages.
  • Use PitchCRM or the Segmentation report to reach out to end to your customers.
  • For House Accounts figures, consult the Statements, Aging, Balance and Auto Billing reports in Lightspeed Golf.

Lightspeed Retail (R-Series)

  • Refer to the Payments Received, Lines and Category reports for yearly totals.
  • Consult the Assets report for inventory data.
  • Complete an end of season inventory count.
  • Create discounts or price rules to help sell remaining inventory.
  • Consult the Sales Tax report.

Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series)

  • Consult the Summary report.
  • Go to Reports --> Export --> Taxes for your tax report
  • Go to Reports --> Export --> Payments to see your payments received report

As always, if you have any questions with any of the above or any other end of season items specific to your facility please reach out to the support team, or your Account Manager!


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