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Blocking and unblocking tee times

You can block vacant tee times so that reservations can not be booked into them. You can also block a tee time that has a reservation in it so that changes can not be made until they are unblocked. Unblocking tee times can be used as a way to release them so that they are bookable online, and by operators.

Deleting tee times is an alternative to blocking them, which can be more useful in certain scenarios. Some examples are for readjusting tee time intervals or removing a tee time from the tee sheet entirely.

  • All employees are able to adjust tee times from the tee sheet if their employee role has permission to Adjust the tee sheet. More information about employee roles and permissions can be found here.

    1. Navigate to the Tee Sheet.
    2. Click Adjust Tee Sheet button at the top right.Adjusting the tee sheet
    3. Select the tee time(s) in question.
    4. Select Block or Unblock.Selecting tee times
  • Only Managers and Owners are able to access Tee Times & Pricing from the sidebar. 

    1. Navigate to Tee Times & Pricing.
    2. Ensure the intended tee sheet is selected from the drop-down list.
    3. Click Block Tee Times.Tee times & pricing
    4. Select the Block or Unblock action.
    5. Set the intended time and date range. 
      • Time range uses 24-hour/military time.
      • Date ranges can be adjusted with the following options:
        • Only this day will modify only the day selected in the date window.
        • Daily will modify only the length of the chosen date range.
        • Weekly will modify based on which days of the week are selected, until the end date.
    6. Select Block or Unblock at the top right of the window to save the changes.Blocking tee times

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