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Configuring tax settings

Tax settings should be something to set and forget once they are working correctly.

  • Only Owners and Managers are able to access tax settings in Lightspeed Golf
  • Access to Settings - Sales Setup at the employee role level in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) is required
  • Tax settings can be found in Lightspeed Golf under Settings --> Taxes
  • Tax Classes & Sales Taxes

Please reach out to the Lightspeed Golf Support team if you require further assistance.

How to create new tax rates

  • These instructions apply if an incorrect tax rate is being processed from sales made within Lightspeed Golf, and/or the correct tax rate does not appear under Settings --> Taxes in Lightspeed Golf
  1. In Lightspeed Retail, go to Settings --> Tax Classes
  2. Create a new Tax Class, name it accordingly, and Save Changes
  3. After clicking Save Changes, make note of the number that appears in the website address URL, use this number for step 11
  4. While in Lightspeed Retail, go to Settings --> Sales Taxes, and then click on Sales Tax that appears in the Tax Name column
  5. On the Sales Tax page, add a Sales Class Tax Rate, choose the newly created one, and set the Rate accordingly in a percentage, click Add New Rate
  6. It will appear in the list of Sales Class Tax Rates below
  7. Go to Settings --> Taxes in Lightspeed Golf
  8. Click on Create Tax, if you do not see the correct tax amount listed already
  9. Write in a name and code, and have them match each other
  10. Enter the tax percentage as the Rate
  11. Enter the number recorded from step 3 into the POS Reference field
  12. Click Save

How to adjust the tax rate applied to products and subscriptions

  • These are the steps for adjusting the tax applied to Green Fees
  • The same steps apply to any Products and Subscriptions
    • This includes Green Fees, Carts, Packages, Extras, Kits, Memberships, Services, and Bundles
  1. In Lightspeed Golf, go to Settings --> Green Fees
  2. Select the Green Fee in question
  3. Change the Tax applied to it
  4. Save

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