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Adjusting online booking settings and restrictions


You are now able to select specific player types to be exceptions to the Member Identification Required setting! More information is included in the Members Identification Required Exceptions section below.

Within your manager settings in golf, there is a tab specifically for your online booking settings. This article will go through each setting in the online booking tab.

Online booking settings

Default Player Type

This setting indicates the default player type that will be shown for all new tee time bookings on your tee sheet.

  • Typically this should be set to your basic public player type so each new tee time will auto-populate the players as your public player type
  • As you add existing players to the tee time their corresponding player types will be adjusted
  • You can change these player types manually from the tee time directly

Hide Turn Tee Times

If you have a 9-hole course that offers 18-hole bookings, the return tee time will not show on the booking widget.

  • For example, if it takes 2h to complete a round and someone books at 8:00, the return tee time at 10:00 am will not be displayed when they select their tee times
  • In the below screenshot, the same booking was made for 18 holes, but the reservation on the left shows the turn tee time, while the reservation on the right doesn't as the setting was toggled on

Online notes

By toggling this setting on, you are giving your golfers the ability to add a note to their reservation when they make their booking online.

  • Customers will have the note option available once they have selected their tee time and before they confirm their reservation
  • If a customer does leave a note it will show to the left of their reservation on the tee sheet view and at the bottom of the reservation when you click on the reservation

Cancellation policy

The cancellation policy is the amount of time you give a customer to cancel their reservation themselves through the online booking portal.

  • Once the cancellation policy time has passed the customer will see "non-cancellable" online and would be required to contact the course to cancel the reservation
  • The time here is "hours in advance" (ie. 24 hours in advance)


Single player

By toggling this setting on you are restricting a single player from making a booking online for just themselves.

  • All singles would be required to contact the course to make their reservations as this rule will not apply to pro shop staff making reservations
  • Some courses like to toggle this on to maximize their tee sheet leaving more room for foursomes

Members Identification Required


By toggling this setting on you are requiring all members to identify the names of the other members they are playing with at the time of booking.

  • For example, if I am a member and I am playing with 3 other members I would have to add my playing partner's name in order to book the tee time
  • Most commonly used to eliminate members booking for 4 people without identifying the other members and then only showing up with 1 or 2 other members
  • This can also be helpful in gathering player's names if you find your members tend to head straight for the first tee without checking in with the pro shop first

Members Identification Required Exceptions

This setting allows you to choose member player types that are exceptions to the above setting, Members Identification Required. This can be used for"Member Guest" player types, as only members will be able to select them when creating a booking, and will not need a customer profile attached to the booking to be created properly. Members are required to select the correct player type for their guests after this has been enabled. Members can find further information about this in this article.

  • Select the member player types to be exceptions to the Members Identification Required setting from the drop-down list
  • The player types selected will not need a member profile attached when creating reservations

Credit Card Required

In this setting, you can select which player types you require to input their credit card information at the time of booking online.

  • This does require an integrated card not present payments on your tee sheet.
  • This will only add the credit card to the customer's profile, allowing you to use it at a later time. It will NOT automatically charge the credit card - please speak to support if you want to activate mandatory payments at the time of online booking
  • This is also the same setting that you can toggle on in the individual player type's settings

Prevent overlapping bookings

When this setting is toggled on it will prevent the same player from booking more than once in the allotted time frame.

  • You will need to toggle the setting on as well as input the number of hours. Simply entering the hours and not toggling the setting on will not work
  • When you do have this toggled on it will display an error message when you try and make multiple bookings in the time frame for the same player
  • Employees will have the ability to "Skip Conflicts & Continue" with the booking, however, players booking online will not be able to complete the additional reservations

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