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Linking employee profiles

This article walks you through setting up account linking of your Lightspeed Golf, Retail, and eCom products, and how Single logout and Auto logout function in those products. For help with troubleshooting, please scroll to the end of this article.

For this feature to work, an employee has to have a login for both Golf and Retail. Linking a Golf and Retail account is done for each user. Each employee at the course that has Golf and Retail logins/permissions will need to go through the process below

How to link a Retail (R-Series) employee profile

  • Navigate to the Golf login page and log in to your account using your tee sheet login credentials,
  • After logging in, you should see a button named Golf below the Lightspeed logo,
  • Click the Golf button, which will expand the drop-down menu,
  • Click Link Lightspeed Product.
  • Select Retail (R-Series)

  • Enter your Lightspeed Retail username and password, and click “Link account”,
  • Your accounts are now linked! You should be redirected to the Retail account you just linked.
  • Now, from Retail, you can click on "Golf" to go back to the tee sheet, and from there, you can switch to Retail easily,

Retail view:

Tee Sheet view:

Account linking and product switching are currently supported on Lightspeed Retail POS, Lightspeed eCom, and Lightspeed Golf.

How to unlink an employee profile

  • To unlink your accounts, simply click on the "Golf" dropdown button on the top right of your tee sheet and select "Link Accounts.". This will bring you to the page shown below, where you can click “Unlink an account” at the bottom of the page.
  • Select the Retail product and click on “Unlink account”.

How to log out of employee profiles

  • When you have multiple linked products open in the same browser window and log out of one product, the single logout feature will automatically log you out of all products under the same session.
    • For example: If you are looking at Golf in one browser tab and Retail in another browser tab at the same time and you log out of Golf, you will also be logged out of your Retail session.
  • For Golf accounts with a linked Retail account using the Auto Sign-out Delay feature, the time set in the Auto sign-out delay feature dictates the auto sign-out timing for all products.
    • For example: If a user sets their Auto Sign-out Delay to 60 minutes and is idle for 60 minutes in all open linked products, they will be automatically logged out of those products.
  • When performing PIN Lock in Retail, users are automatically logged out of all open linked products. If the user enters their PIN and logs back into Retail, their linked products in the same window will be auto-logged back in upon refresh.
  1. Click the name of the employee in the main navigation.
  2. Select Sign out from the drop-down menu.


Why can’t I link my Lightspeed accounts?

To link your Lightspeed accounts, the Linked accounts option must be listed when you select the name of your Lightspeed product from the main menu.

If the Linked accounts option isn’t listed, it could be because third-party cookies are blocked in your browser settings. Alternatively, the lightspeed.app domain could be blocked in your firewall settings. Troubleshooting these issues involves a few simple steps:

If you’re using a Lightspeed product in Chrome’s Incognito mode, please disable the Block third-party cookies toggle. It’s located at the bottom of the page when you open a new Incognito window. It’s generally enabled by default.

  • Allow the lightspeed.app domain your firewall settings. Not sure how? Your IT Specialist can help you.

If you complete these simple steps, you’ll be able to link your Lightspeed accounts and switch seamlessly between Lightspeed products. You’ll also be ready for future features we have in the works—stay tuned!

The Lightspeed products you can currently link are Lightspeed Retail POS, Lightspeed eCom and Lightspeed Golf.

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