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Managing Golf Canada memberships

Golf courses can now access players' Golf Canada Membership data directly from the tee sheet or customer's profile in golf.

If you'd like to activate this feature, please reach out to support and provide them with your Golf Canada assigned Club ID number.

Please note, golfers must still continue to post their scores in the Golf Canada Scoring Center.

Adding Golf Canada memberships

Once this feature is activated for your club, there are two ways to add a player's card to their Lightspeed golf profile:

Adding memberships through the customer's golf profile

  1. In Lightspeed Golf, go to customers and search for the customer

  2. At the bottom of their details page, click the card icon next to Golf Canada Card ID

  3. Search for the customer either by card number or name and select the profile

  4. The golfer's handicap, expiration date, and handicap index will now display on their Lightspeed golf profile

Adding memberships directly from the tee sheet

  1. On the tee sheet in a tee time reservation window, add the desired golfer to the tee time

  2. Click the card search icon at the top of the reservation window above the player's name

  3. Search for the golfer by name or Golf Canada member number and select the profile to add

  4. This will save the Golf Canada membership information on the golfer's profile and will show their handicap index on the tee sheet

Viewing Golf Canada memberships

Once a golfer's Golf Canada Membership has been added to their profile it will either display the icon in red or green:

  • Green indicates that the Golf Canada Membership is still active

  • Red indicates that the Golf Canada Membership has expired

Tee sheet view

A golfer's handicap index will show in the customer's golf profile on the details page, but will also show directly on the tee sheet when the golfer is added to a tee time.

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