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Creating player types

Player types are how we differentiate customers so they can receive the proper benefits associated with either their membership or that of a public player.

It's best to set a player type to be a Member player type if they are associated with memberships. Visitor player types are designed to be used for public players.

Be sure that newly created player types are included in your price sheets.

Creating new player types

  1. Go to Settings from the main menu.
  2. Select Player types.
  3. Select Create.
  4. Select if the player type being created should be a Visitor player type or Member player type.
  5. Select a color to represent the player type.
  6. Adjust the Online Booking and Member Permissions accordingly.
  7. Click Save.

    Creating a player type

Configuring player type settings

When you create a new player type, you have many permissions and settings to choose from. Once you configure the settings you want, you can adjust them in the future.

Setting name Description
Type Visitor or Member.
Color The color for this type of player that appears on the tee sheet.
Online Booking  Enable or disable the player type from being able to book themselves online.
Booking Range How many days in advance this player type can book themselves online.
Opening Time Corresponds with the book range setting, to set a specific time that the player type can book themselves online.
Requires Affiliation (Visitor player types only) Enabling this for a player type requires the player type to be assigned to their profile in order to book themselves online.
Requires Credit Card A credit card is required for the player to book themselves online.
Access to the Tee Sheet (Member player types only)  This will allow member player types to view the tee sheet up to 7 days in advance, as well as see when other members are playing.
Access to Member Directory (Member player types only) This will allow member player types to access other member information, including member number, name, phone number, and scoring factor. Members can opt out of being visible in the member directory.

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