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Managing courses

Navigate to Settings > Courses.

To add a new course, click the +Create button on the top right-hand side.

Course information

  • Name: The course name as you want it to appear on the tee sheet.
  • Number of Holes
  • Position: Set the order of how the courses should display to your customers, starting with 1 at the top of the list.
  • Color: The banner's color on top of the tee sheet for easily distinguishing between courses if you have multiple.
  • Online Booking: Whether you want the course to be bookable online.

Be sure to Save any changes made.

Product settings

  • Booking products that you would like to make available on the course. If you would like to add different products for this course, refer to our creating green fee and carts article. (hyperlink to that article)
  • Round duration: on average how long it takes to complete 18 holes and 9 holes (will vary depending on your products created)
  • Default product: Choose which green fee product is the default.
  • Mandatory Cart: Enable to have a cart added to every reservation automatically.


Fill out the scorecard for each tee box, rating/slope are mandatory fields while the others are optional


  • Front/Back: If you have a front/back tee sheet, you can put in the starting hole for the first and second nine. If you have a standard 18-hole or 9-hole course, you can put holes 1 and 10. Same for the duration.
  • Hides Prices on Tee sheet: On the left-hand side of the tee sheet there is a price tag icon for the tee sheet's default player type, enabling this setting will hide that icon on the tee sheet.
  • Return Course: if you have a front/back or a different return course, you can select where the return booking gets booked when making an 18-hole booking on a 9-hole course.

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