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Configuring automatic billing settings

Lightspeed Golf allows you to automate the billing process, provided that you have captured a credit card on file or a bank account. Please note that ACH bank account charges are currently only available in the US.

Note: Lightspeed Payments (Card not present) or Stripe is required for automatic billing

To learn more about how to add a credit card on file or add a bank account.

Set your billing cycle and email settings

In order to define your billing cycle in Lightspeed Golf, go to Settings in the sidebar and select House Accounts.

On that page, you will be able to define when you want automatic billing to charge members that have it enabled for the house account or family account. In the screenshot below, the number 7 means that on the 7th of the month, the system will charge the outstanding balance owed by the members applicable as of the last day of the previous month.
For example, on January 7th, the system will charge the customer on his/her credit card/bank account what was owed to the club on December 31st.

On the same screen, you will be able to turn on the automatic email notification sent to your customers. When turned on, your customers that have an amount owed to the club at the end of the month will receive an email with their outstanding balance and a link to their detailed statement.

Activating automatic billing

In order to turn on the automatic billing system for a customer, go to the customer profile through the Customers navigation bar. Select the House Account tab. Turn on the Automatic Billing option at the bottom of the screen and select the payment method of choice.

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