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Using Golf Genius

Lightspeed Golf has integration with Golf Genius giving a course the ability to sync its customer database from Lightspeed Golf to Golf Genius. It also gives members at a course access to a Golf Genius event registration directly from their member dashboard on chronogolf.com.

If you are interested in using this feature, and it has not yet been enabled for you, please reach out to the Lightspeed Golf Support team.

The following information from Lightspeed Golf will sync over to Golf Genius:

  • Master Roster
    • Allows you to import your customer database from Lightspeed to Golf Genius. This will include the basic profile information (ie. name, addresses, email) along with membership types. Within Golf Genius you can control which data fields you choose to sync over
    • Click here for more information
  • Event Roster
    • Events that are created in Lightspeed Golf can be synced over to Golf Genius (ie. date, event name, registrants)
    • Once the event is synced, it will automatically sync the registrants each night to update the event in Golf Genius
    • Click here for more information

Customer access to Golf Genius

When a course has activated Golf Genius, members will be able to access Golf Genius directly from their member dashboard on chronogolf.com.

  1. Members can access the Golf Genius registration link under their "Membership" tab.
  2. Click on "Tournament Registration"
  3. Then choose "Tournament Event" from the pop up box, which will take them to the Golf Genius registration page. From there members can choose which event they are registering for and completely the registration

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