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Setting up credit books

Credit books allow courses to collect funds from individual golfers or league players into a group pot and distribute the money as a credit to the winners.

  • The Credit Book platform is accessible through Loyal Action. To get a Credit Book account set up, please reach out to your account manager or message our support team. To log into your Loyal Action account, click here.
  • Credit book winnings can be redeemed in both Lightspeed Retail and Lightspeed Restaurant. Customers can only contribute to a prize account from Lightspeed Retail.

Credit books consist of two different sections:

  • Prize Accounts: this is the event or league account where the money is held. Customers will pay into this account and the winnings will be distributed from this account
  • Credit Books: this is where a customer's winnings will be held. When a customer earns money from a prize account they will be given a credit book that will store all their prize account earnings

Setting up prize accounts

  1. In Lightspeed Retail, you will need to create at least one non-inventory/non-taxable/non-discountable item, which you will associate with a prize account.
    • You can create one Lightspeed Retail item per prize account or associate multiple prize accounts with the same item.
  2. Copy the ID of the retail item you created
    • To get the ID, open the item in retail and you will find the ID in the URL
  3. In the credit book platform, go to Credit Books - Prize Account and choose "Add Prize Account" and "Create" using the information below:
    • Label: the name of the Prize Account
    • Lightspeed Retail Item ID: the ID you took from the URL in Retail
    • Location: choose your retail shop
  4. Repeat these steps for each prize account you need to create.


  • Each prize account item you create will appear in your Lightspeed Retail Inventory
    • You will also automatically have a "Credit Book Top Up" item in your inventory
    • You can categorize all these items into a generic Credit Book category if desired
  • Both the contribution and redemption of a credit book will appear in the Totals Report
  • A payment method called "Credit Book Payment" will be used when these credits are used
    • You can see this payment method in Retail Settings - Payment Types and select "Show Archived" then Search
    • To view this payment type in your reports you must un-archive the credit book payment method

Customer view

  • Customers can view their credit book balance on their online member portal on chronogolf.com under the "Credit Book" tab
  • A history report will also show when the winnings were collected and for which prize account they came from

To learn more about Credit Books watch this video:

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