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Creating price sheets and time restrictions

Learn how to create Tee Times and associate pricing to your tee sheet. This article is fundamental to the software, and we recommend using it as a reference.

Before you start, be aware that you can create pricing for all types of situations:

  • For specific seasons: High Season, Low Season, Fall rates/ Summer rates
  • Weekdays and Weekends: Different prices for the week and different prices for holidays/ weekends
  • League Play: A price sheet specifically for days where you have your leagues playing
  • Combination: A Price Sheet named "High Season - weekdays"

This process should be used for cart fees as well.

Creating a new price sheet

  1. Click on Tee Times & Pricing --> Price Sheets and click on the + button
  2. A window will open. You will want to name the price sheet and assign it a color.

Example: Low Season - Weekdays

  1. It is necessary to create separate price rules for "Green Fee" products and for "Cart Fee" products. Click Create Price Rule to begin creating your price rules.

Example: The public player type will have to pay $30 before taxes between 7:00 AM and 11:59 AM from Monday to Friday for 18-hole bookings. They would then have to pay $25 before taxes from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

The public player type pays $20 all day Monday through Friday for 9 holes.

To add more prices and time restrictions, click on the small + button on the left of the product names.

A red triangle will appear if there is a product conflict or the times overlap.

  1. If Members have already paid for their membership for the season, their green fee may be reduced to $0. It is absolutely necessary to create a price rule for members and add them to the price sheet at $0

When creating the different price rules, it is important to separate public player types from member player types, since they may have different pricing structures. You could put all your member player types in the same price rule and thus set specific prices for them (including payment at $0 all day).

Example: A 5-day Member can play for free on weekdays, but not on weekends.

A 7-Day Member can play for free at all times.

For the "Low Season - Weekdays" price model, 5-day and 7-day members can play anytime, combined under the same rule.

All player types must be included in the price sheet that is assigned, otherwise, they will not be able to book themselves online. However, these player types can be manually added to the tee sheet, but they will not have any prices assigned automatically.

  1. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for cart fees, by clicking on the Cart tab. The same logic applies to Cart Fees as they do to Green Fees.

When you are done creating or editing the price sheet, press the Create/Update button at the top right corner.

Modifying and cloning price sheets

You can clone an existing price model to make adjustments to a copy of it. Click on an existing price model (Example: Low Season - Weekdays), then click on Edit at the top right. You will see two choices: Edit this price sheet or Clone and edit this price sheet.

All steps for a cloned price sheet are the same as creating or editing an existing one.

As a final step, Price Sheets need to be applied to calendar dates. In Tee Times & Pricing, choose the date from the calendar and then click on the + Prices button.

Choose a price sheet to assign, in the window that appears and set when it should repeat for future dates.

Video explanation & example

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