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Managing social events

Creating a social event

1. Select Events in the sidebar.

2. Click on Add in the top right corner and select Social.

3. Choose the date of the event, as well as the scheduled time.

4. Put in the name of the event, and description, and if you have promotional material for the event you can upload it as an Image.

5. Create the different tickets you want available for registration.

a. Quantity Available: max. number of tickets available per ticket type.

b. If you click on the Settings icon, you can add a description for each ticket.

6. Once you have finished putting in all the tickets, you can determine if you want to adjust the total capacity for the event.

This will mean that if you have 25 tickets available in each of your tickets, but the total capacity is 40, then the first 40 tickets sold will reach the capacity for the event. You can end up with 25 tickets from 1 category, and 15 distributed among the others.

7. Choose a payment option:
a. Pay online: Payment will be processed through your Lightspeed Payments Golf account. **Lightspeed Payments Golf (card not present) gateway is required.
b. Pay at golf: The customer will just reserve their spot, but will not have their ticket paid for at the time of their reservation.

8. Online Note: choose whether or not you want customers to be able to leave a note for the golf course upon reservation.

9. Click on Save on the top right.

Managing social events

Once you've saved your new social event, or if you open an existing one you will be brought to the event overview page:


1. The total number of attendees registered for the event.

2. Number of orders placed.

3. Total Income based on the tickets sold.

4. Public URL: Each social event will generate a unique public URL that you can use to share the registration link.

5. Private Note: Internal note about the event that you can share with the other staff.

6. Promote event: You have the option to share the event directly to your Facebook page or Twitter account.


Useful tips

  • You can share a link to your Facebook or Twitter page, and send email newsletters that link directly to the event.

Please note, ticket sales for payments processed online do not report to the POS automatically. You will need to manually record the sale. You can do so by creating a non-inventory item for the tickets and selling the total amount purchased online.

Additional information is included in this webinar:

Tee Sheet Overview - Webinar

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