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Creating recurring reservations

You can recur reservations so that they repeat over a specific pattern of days with the same customer profiles attached. This can only be done for newly created reservations, as you can not recur a reservation that has already been created. They will be created at the time selected for these days but can be managed individually.

  1. Navigate to the Tee Sheet.
  2. Create a new reservation, filling in relevant customer information. 
  3. Click the Recur Reservation button.
    Recurring a reservation
  4. The settings to recur the reservation will appear, allowing you to have the reservation recur over specific daily, weekly, or monthly patterns. Each has an Until date, allowing you to set when the recurrences should stop. 
    • Recurring a reservation Daily allows you to set how many days there should be between each reservation.
    • Recurring a reservation Weekly allows you to set how often in weeks the reservation should recur. It also allows you to set which days of the week they should recur on.
    • Recurring a reservation Monthly allows you to set how often in months the reservation should recur. It also allows you to choose which days of the month it should recur, either by days of the month or days of the week in each month.
  5. Click Recur reservation to create it with the chosen settings.
    Recur reservation settings

Once created, you can view which reservations are linked to each other in the reservation information window.

Linked reservations

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