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Squeezing and promoting tee times

Click the wrench icon at the top right-hand corner of the tee sheet to make adjustments to tee times.

Upon clicking this feature, you will see a selection box appear on the left-hand side of the tee times. Once you select the tee times you wish to make adjustments to, you will see the following options appear at the bottom of your tee sheet.

Squeezing tee times

For duplicating tee times.

You can also use the squeeze feature for a group of more than 4 players that you allow to go out.

  1. From the tee sheet, click the Adjust Tee Sheet button at the top right.
  2. Select the tee times in question, and click Squeeze.

Promoting tee times

You will have the ability to quickly promote tee times and offer discounts from your regular rates!

You can also use this feature to help generate revenue on a slow day!

These options vary based on your employee role and permissions.


Additional information is included in these webinars:

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