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Blocking a customer from booking online

This article will explain how to prevent or block a customer from booking themselves online. This will help if a customer has been negligent or if they are banned or disallowed from playing at the course, for example.

Create a blocked player type

  1. Navigate to Settings --> Player Types and create a new player type. The player type can be named accordingly for the situation and will appear on the customer's dashboard when they try to create a booking
  2. Set it to a Member Player Type
  3. Confirm that the Bookable Online setting is Enabled

Assign the blocked player type to the customer

  1. Navigate to your Customers page, and search for the profile that should be blocked
  2. Click edit at the top right of the page
  3. Assign the player type at the bottom of the window that appears, and save

Confirm the blocked player type is excluded from price sheets

  1. Navigate to Tee Times & Pricing from the Navigation Menu
  2. Open the price sheet(s) that are applied to today and future dates
  3. Ensure that the newly created Blocked Player type is not included in the price sheets

This is what the customer will see when trying to create a booking with these settings:

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