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Managing green fees and cart products

This article will guide you through the process of creating reservation products, including Green & Cart Fees, as well as half cart and full cart options. After setting up your course, it's essential to create these products to ensure they are available for use on the course.

The best place that prices can be set for Green Cart fees is through Price Sheets. Here is a link to more information about Price Sheets

It may be best to ensure your tax rates are set up correctly before continuing, to make sure that they are assigned to Green & Cart correctly when they are being created. Otherwise, the assigned tax can be modified after it has been created.

These options can be found in your Settings from the bottom left of the sidebar, then under Green Fees & Carts sections under Products.

Adjusting green fees

When creating or editing Green Fees, you will see these options, and will want to set them accordingly:

Adjusting cart fees

When creating or editing Cart Fees, you will see these options and will want to set them accordingly:

The simplest way to set up cart fees could be similar to the example below so that Half and Single Carts are set for 9 and 18 holes accordingly:

Adjusting course settings

These settings can also be adjusted per course, from the Courses settings page:

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