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Assigning dynamic pricing by day of the week

How to apply different Dynamic Pricing templates based on specific days of week or seasons.

Create a dynamic pricing template

  1. Go to Tee Times & Pricing and click on Create a Template which you can find in the Dynamic Pricing section at the bottom left

  2. You can also access this section from the Dynamic Pricing module on the left side menu of your tee sheet

Assign dynamic templates

  1. Click on Tee Times & Pricing

  2. Under the Dynamic Pricing section, click on Assign Template

3. You will need to select the following parameters:

  • Select which course(s) the template needs to be applied on.

  • Choose which template you want to assign

  • Determine when the template should be in effect and its repetition

For example, if you want to create a template for the weekdays only during the fall season, you will repeat the template "Weekly", choose Monday to Friday and select the day you want that dynamic pricing template to end.

  • You will notice on your price sheet templates that there is a new Dynamic Pricing icon that indicates if a template is currently applied.

  • Hover your mouse over the icon if you want to know which template is currently active

Unassign dynamic pricing templates

  1. If you wish to unassign a template, in Tee Times & Pricing, click on Unassign a Template

  2. Select the date(s) you want to unassign the template for.

  3. For example, if you want to unassign the template on a specific day only, you will choose the option "Only This Day" and select the date

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