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Using fleet management

How to use fleet management at your facility

This article will focus on our fleet management function for golf courses with a limited number of carts available for booking.

If you are interested in using this feature, and it has not yet been enabled for you, please reach out to the Lightspeed Golf Support team.

Enabling fleet management

Once the fleet management function is activated, you can configure it by going to Settings > Fleet management.

To activate fleet management, toggle on Enable Fleet Management.

Fleet management settings

Quantity: Number of carts in your fleet

Maintenance Time: The amount of time needed before it's ready for the following reservation
Click Save
Make sure your round durations are set up correctly.

The above settings will work depending on the duration of your rounds. In other words, if you have defined that completing your 18-hole course takes 240 minutes, a customer reserving a cart for 18 holes will mean that the cart will not be available for a period of 240 + 20 = 260 minutes. Please consider your course settings when you activate fleet management.

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