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Redeeming vouchers on the tee sheet

The vouchers feature in Lightspeed Golf can be used for promotion purposes. This tutorial highlights how your staff can redeem vouchers at the counter. Each voucher, also known as a one-time discount code, can only be redeemed once.

If you would like this feature enabled, please be sure to reach out to the Lightspeed Golf support team.

From the tee sheet, by clicking on the barcode icon at the top right-hand corner of the tee sheet, you can scan any one-time discount code or voucher you have uploaded to the system. (See the Managing Vouchers tutorial to learn more about how to upload new vouchers)

Once you scan or key in the number of your one-time discount code or voucher, a window will pop up with a description of the voucher, value, and expiry date. Your staff will be able to mark this voucher as redeemed and leave a note (optional). Every redeemed voucher, being a one-time discount code, will be considered as used and unredeemable for future use.

To learn more about Redeeming Vouchers, watch the tutorial below:

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