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Creating an outing

A detailed guide to the specific steps required for a crossover setup.

Here is a detailed breakdown of that process for a 3-person group tournament: 

  • Check that day's tee sheet to make sure there are no bookings during your desired tournament time frame. Click on the 'Add' button at the top right, select 'Tournament' and begin to create your new tournament.
  • Confirm the date and start time for the competition - in this case, there will be a two-hour block for groups to go off #1 and #10, starting at 6 am.
  • The schedule should be set to finish when the last group from #10 has made the turn to #1. Since it will be a 3-ball tournament, allow 2 hours per 9 holes - so 9:59 am. At that point, the course will be clear for normal groups to go off of #1 (or #10 if the tee sheet has been set up that day for crossover times).
  • Select a Crossover setup
  • Set the interval between tee times
  • Assign the applicable price sheet and toggle Online Booking ON (if it is allowed). Create a new price sheet if necessary, and make any appropriate modifications.
  • You also have the ability to hide the event, should you want only employees and partners to be able to see it, as well as set a recurrence if this is to be a daily/weekly/monthly event.
  • Create the tournament!
  • *Because the turn time does not automatically populate or appear in a tournament setting, you must now delete all of those excess tee times that will not be occupied. This will also ensure that players do not book tee times that are not technically available. Use the edit tool to check and delete each time up until the end of the tournament.
  • *As this tournament will feature groups of 3 players, we must also limit the number of slots available in each tee time. For this example, I have created a player named "Tournament Placeholder" and added/cloned a single booking for each tournament tee time. When players book online, they will only be able to book as many as 3 players into a group.
  • If you are concerned that players will both book themselves and have others book them in for the tournament, simply configure and toggle ON the 'Prevent Overlapping Bookings' option in your course's Online Booking Settings.
  • The last tournament tee time is 7:57, and because we deleted the other times the first available post-tournament tee time is 10:00. By that time, the 7:57 threesome that started on #10 will now have played #1. If you feel that you need a longer buffer, delete as many more times as you feel is necessary.
  • You can now "unlock" the tournament and open up online booking for players included in the tournament's price sheet! If you wish to open bookings a certain number of days before the tournament, keep it locked until that time comes.

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