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Creating reservations as a call centre agent

Log into your account

Url: https://www.chronogolf.com/admin/login
Username: (use the username you were provided)
Password: (use the password you were provided)

Pick your course

Click on ''Log In As'' to access the tee sheet you are looking for:

You can move from Today to the next 6 days from the quick buttons below the date:

Or you can select the date picker and then choose the appropriate date:

Pick your tee time

Click on the ''+'' sign on the tee sheet that corresponds to the tee time you are looking for. If booking for three players, you can save a step by click on the ''+'' in the third column.

A window will pop up. In the example above with three players:

Enter customer contact information

You can search through the database by entering information in the Last Name, Phone Number, Email, or Member ID. The system will look for a match or create a new customer.

When you have entered the information of the player(s), hit save, to save the reservation:

The reservation is now on the tee sheet:

Add credit card details, if necessary

If you click on the credit card sign next to the customer name, you will be able to add credit card details (fully encrypted). The card will be saved for future use and you won't have to add it again:  


You can reschedule a booking at your convenience by dragging and dropping the reservation to another free tee time.

Enabling multi-tee sheet view

You can add additional tee sheets (up to 8, depending on the resolution of your screen), by clicking on the add tee-sheet icon at the top right of your screen:

Changing courses

To access another tee sheet, click on the management company icon at the top left of the tee sheet to switch to another course. You will be taken to the first page outlined in Step 2:

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