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Viewing multiple tee sheets at once

You can view multiple tee sheets at the same time by adding them to your view. This allows you to manage tee sheets and reservations more efficiently. Reservations can be dragged and dropped from one date to another when viewing multiple tee sheets.

Activating split tee sheet view

  1. Navigate to the Tee Sheet.
  2. Click on Add Tee Sheet from the top right corner.
    • More tee sheets can be added to your view, but the maximum number of tee sheets visible at one time depends on the resolution of the computer monitor you are using.Adding tee sheets
  3. The tee sheets can now be adjusted individually, allowing you to set them to different courses or days and times.
  4. Created tee sheets can be closed individually with their respective X button.

Multiple tee sheets

Smart dates

Smart dates allow you to lock a date range between the multiple tee sheets you have open.

For example, you can set the first tee sheet to the 3rd of the month and the second tee sheet to the 10th of the month. Now, when adjusting the date of the first tee sheet, it will automatically set the second tee sheet to 7 days later than the first tee sheet.

Another example would be if you select Saturday on your first tee sheet and select Sunday on your second tee sheet. Changing the first tee sheet to different Saturdays allows you to quickly scan whole weekends.

Enabling smart dates

To enable smart dates, click the three dots button in the top right of the tee sheet and select Smart Dates so that it is blue.

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