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Viewing multiple tee sheets at once

Activating split tee sheet view

  1. Click the Box/Plus icon located at the top right of the window.

  2. This will add a second tee sheet to your screen. (you can add multiple tee sheets, dependent on the resolution of your screen)

  3. This now allows you to manage multiple days and courses (if applicable) all at once.

You can also use this functionality to drag and drop reservations between sheets.

Smart dates

If you wanted an overview of your tee sheet from one weekend to the next, you can also use the "Smart Date" feature and set a template for your tee sheet.

If you select Saturday on your first tee sheet and select the following Saturday on your second added tee sheet, and change this to a Sunday, the smart date feature will retain the selected date range template.

To select smart dates, you can click on the three dots to the right of the add tee sheet view and highlight smart dates.

More information about managing tee times from the tee sheet can be found here: Blocking, Deleting, & Squeezing Tee Times

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