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Creating a lottery

This article will provide an overview of our Lottery function, including creating, managing, and creating bookings. Please note, lotteries will apply to the entire tee sheet on the day it's created on.

How to create a lottery

  1. Open the Tee Sheet.

  2. Click Add on the top right of the Tee Sheet.

  3. Select Lottery.

  4. Select the date and course, and how often the lottery will recur. Leaving the recurrence button toggled off will only create the 1 lottery on the date chosen.

  5. Select the player types that are allowed to book into the lottery.

To add customers to the lottery

  1. Make sure the lottery is open, by clicking on the Lock icon.

  2. Click on the number of players you want on their preferred tee time

  3. Input the customer's name (you will need the information for at least 1 person)

  4. Click Save

  5. Choose their 2nd/3rd choice of tee time if they have

  6. Click Subscribe - they've now been added to the lottery.

How golfers can book themselves online

They will go through their normal booking process, but they will have the option to choose their top 3 choices of tee times.

Assigning the tee times

  • Click on the Lock icon to close the lottery

  • Click on the Person icon on the left-hand side

  • Click on the Arrow icon to assign the tee times based on everyone's preferences and confirm.

  • If you want to re-do the draw, click on the three dots on the right-hand side and click on reset.

  • Click on the Check icon to confirm the tee time assignments. Once confirmed, you cannot re-do the draw.

  • If you have any groups that were not assigned, you can click on the person icon to see and drag them to another time slot.

Managing your Lottery

To edit your lottery:

  • Click on the three dots on the far right side of the Lottery bar

  • Click Edit

From here, you can edit the player type eligible for the lottery or delete it altogether.

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