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Creating packages

Packages are best used as a replacement for physical punch cards, as they can be applied to reservations by both the club operators and customers themselves.

This will provide a step-by-step guide for creating packages so that you can sell them to your customers and determine the applicable rules. 

Navigate to Settings > Packages > Create (top right corner)

Name: The name of the package as it will appear on the customer's profile, and in your promotions section

Price: The price of the package excluding taxes

Taxes: The tax rate that should be applied during the sale of the package

Description: The description of the package can include any restrictions, schedules, or just a general overview of the package itself.

Courses: Which courses can this package be used on, if you have multiple courses such as Red and Blue, you can determine whether the package can be used on both the Red and the Blue or only one of them.

Rules: This is where you'll determine which of the products fall into the package. For example, if your package has green fees and carts included then you would have a rule for each of the products on the package. When you are creating your rules you should consider the following:

  • Percentage discount on which product, and for how many holes
  • Limit usage: You have the option of limiting it to daily, weekly, and/or total usage. Without enabling the limit, the customer will be able to use the package infinitely

Schedule: The schedule allows you to control when the package can be applied on bookings, you have the option of days of the week as well as the time of day. You can have a different time restriction for each day of the week since you can add more than one-time restriction for each package.

Restrictions: You can set a global start and end date for the package regardless of the usages, for example: if you set the package to 10 total usages but you have the end date of October 31st the system will expire the package regardless of it being used 10 times. You can also restrict which player types can use the package on their bookings.

Any adjustments you make to an existing package will not retroactively impact previously sold packages, in order for the changes to impact them as well you will need to reach out to our support team. By default, it will only impact future packages sold.

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