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Creating front-back crossover tee times

There are two ways in which you can create crossover (front-back) tee times.

Configuring crossover tee times within the same course

  1. Navigate to the Tee Times & Pricing section in the sidebar menu.
  2. Select Create Tee Times.
  3. Select the Crossover tab.
  4. Set your interval and the number of tee times you wish to generate. (ensure you are setting the correct number in the number of tee times block, to ensure all your tee times are created)
  5. Activate the Front/Back slider. (if enabled, this will add the "return" time on the tee sheet on the back. Activate this only if you intend on using the crossover setup for the entire day(s))
  6. Configure the Time Range for the Front Back Tee Sheet.
  7. Configure the Date Range for when the Front-Back Tee Sheet will be used.

Configuring a front/back setup with two separate courses

  1. Navigate to the Settings section in the sidebar menu.
  2. Select Courses and create a new course
  3. Set up a name and change the number of holes to 9 > save changes. (eg. Azalea Front 9)
  4. Click back into the course and set up the round duration on the Products tab.
  5. Set the default round of Golf as an 18 holes product.
  6. Navigate to the Tee-Times tab, and set up the duration for your first starting hole and first-round duration.
  7. For the time being, keep the return course as is and close.
  8. Click on create a new course once more and repeat the above process.
  9. Name the second course that you create another name (eg. Magnolia Back 9)
  10. Go back into the first course (Azalea Front 9) and navigate to the Tee Times tab.
  11. Add the newly added course (Magnolia Back 9) as the return course
  12. Configure Magnolia to return to Azalea, should you allow people to start from the back and vice versa

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