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Setting up a cart waiver button

An example cart waiver form is attached at the bottom of this article. This can best be applied to a custom menu button on the Retail POS (R-Series). This will allow it to be added to printed receipts when included in sales


Creating a cart waiver POS button

  1. Create a new non-inventory item, named Cart Waiver
  2. Save the cart waiver itself into the item’s notes
  3. Enable Display Note On Sales and Receipts
  4. Go to Settings → Custom Menus → Register: Sale Tab and Add A New Button
    • Ensure the Type is set to Add Item(s), set Color and Sort Order accordingly
    • Click the Pencil/Edit button
    • Click Add Item, and search for and select the newly created Cart Waiver Item
  5. Start a New Sale and test the Cart Waiver button to ensure it is working properly

Example cart waiver

Date: __________ Tee time: __________

Name: _______________________________

Phone Number: _____________________

Cart Number(s):_____________________

Credit card number: ___________

Expiry date: _________

The undersigned, individually and jointly,

in consideration of the use by the undersigned of the golf clubs and/or

("gold equipment") identified above, do hereby agree:

1. To return the said golf equipment immediately following the completion

of the specified number of holes of play on the course in as good condition

as the undersigned received the same, normal wear is expected.

2. To pay for any damages to the golf equipment, golf course property,

and/or property adjacent to the golf course.

3. To indemnify and save Putter Holdings Inc. the owner and operator

of COURSE NAME, harmless from any and all

claims, damages, costs, and expenses of any nature that may arise while

the golf equipment is rented to the undersigned.

4. Not to take on the course any coolers or alcoholic beverages other

than those sold by COURSE NAME.

5. Not to drive recklessly or place the cart closer than 20 feet from

tees and greens.

6. Not to allow more than two riders and two bags on the cart.

The undersigned acknowledges that he/she is familiar with the operation,

use and control of said golf equipment,

that he/she has read the instructions appearing on the golf cart, and that

he/she is able to operate and control the same in accordance with said


The receipt of the above property, in good order and repair, is hereby

acknowledged by the Lessee.

Any transgression will result in forfeiture of the golf equipment and/or

removal from the course with no refund.

Lessee Signature:__________________________________

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