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Adjusting receipt printer margins

If you find your receipt printer is not printing your receipts properly, follow these steps to update your receipt printer margins.

To adjust these margins you will need to edit them directly in the print preview. You can either view your print preview after you complete a sale and print a receipt or you can go to Settings - Locations - Customize - Receipt Setup and choose "Print Preview". Once in the print preview:

  1. Click on “More Settings”
  2. Click on “Margin” and select “Custom”
  3. Update the margins by dragging the blue dotted line or inputting measurements in the black boxes to adjust the margin sidelines
  4. If "Headers" appears on your print preview, make sure it's unchecked
  5. Print the receipt to make sure the margins fit correctly

The measurements vary from printer to printer so you may need to test a few times to get the correct margins

The settings you set will save on the same computer and printer that you set them on.

If you are still needing assistance with this please start a chat with our support team on the bottom right of your Tee Sheet or Retail POS.

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