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Creating, editing, and canceling scheduling reservations

Lightspeed Golf is currently offering access to the Scheduling module through a private beta. If you are interested, please contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Scheduling reservations can be created by employees once a service calendar has been created.

Email notifications will be sent to customers when their reservations are created, edited, or canceled.

Creating reservations

Navigate to Scheduling. If you have multiple service calendars, click the current calendar's name and select the appropriate calendar for the reservation.

  1. Select an open slot on the calendar to choose the reservation start time.
    Selecting an open slot on a service calendar to schedule a reservation
  2. The Add reservation panel will open for you to set the reservation details.
    • Service - Choose from the services attached to the chosen service calendar. 
    • Option - Select the duration and price for the service.
    • Employee - If applicable, assign an employee to the reservation, such as a teacher for a golf lesson.
    • Location - If applicable, assign a location to the reservation, such as the court for pickleball.
    Creating a new reservation with options for service, duration and price, employee, and location
  3. Fill in the customer info for the main point of contact for the reservation.
    • Choose the customer profile from the results as you type in their information.
    • If the customer profile does not yet exist, you will be given the option to create one by adding them as a new customer. This will add them to your existing customer profile database.
    • An email or phone number is required when adding primary customer information.
    Adding a primary customer to reservation info
  4. Click Next.
  5. Add a private note if necessary. These can only be seen by employees. 
  6. Click Reserve.
    Finalizing a reservation with the Reserve button

Editing reservations

Select a reservation from the calendar to view its info and private notes.

The Mark as paid/unpaid and pencil icon edit buttons can be found at the bottom of the reservation info tab.

Example reservation info tab highlighting Mark as paid and edit buttons

Mark as paid/unpaid

Click Mark as paid to highlight that the payment for a reservation has been processed. Marking a reservation as paid does not process payment, as these actions must be handled independently. Only after fully processing payments should reservations be marked as paid.

If a reservation was incorrectly marked as paid, you have the option to Undo mark as unpaid. This does not process a refund and corrects the reservation status.

Editing reservation info

Clicking on the pencil edit button allows you to adjust reservation options and the assigned employee or location after it has been created. Make any changes necessary, then click Next > Update.

To adjust a reservation date, start time, service, or primary customer, you must cancel the reservation and then recreate it with the correct information.

Canceling reservations

Navigate to Scheduling. Select a future or active reservation from the calendar to open its information. The delete button can be found at the bottom to the right of the edit button.

Click Cancel reservation to confirm the cancellation.

Cancel reservation button highlighted within an example reservation info tab

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