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Adding, editing, and deleting scheduling calendars

Lightspeed Golf is currently offering access to the Scheduling module through a private beta. If you are interested, please contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Service calendars have to be created before creating scheduling reservations. All employee roles can manage scheduling calendars.

Navigate to Scheduling to add, edit, and delete service calendars.

Adding new service calendars

It is recommended to add a service calendar for each of the services you offer, instead of a calendar per location, or per employee. Instead, you can set filters and views according to assigned Employees or Locations.

When opening Scheduling for the first time, click Add New Service Calendar.

To add additional Service Calendars, click on the name of your existing calendar, and click Add service calendar.
Dropdown menu for adding service calendars

General information

In General information, you can include the service Calendar name and Description.

Choose a name for your service calendar that reflects the services you offer, such as Simulators for your simulator bays or, Pickleball for your pickleball courts.

General Information section for naming service calendars


Scheduling services differ from subscription services.

Adding services to a calendar with 'Add service' button

Click Add service to include details about the services you are offering for this calendar, such as Full bag fitting or Adult putting lessons.

  • Name - Define the exact bookable service, such as Junior Putting Lesson or Simulator session.
  • Description - Add more context if needed, such as Private lesson for one adult.
  • Duration and price - Service durations can range from 15 minutes to 5 hours in 15-minute increments. Prices can be set to any amount. To offer a variety of options without creating new services, use the Add option button. For example, an Adult Lesson service could have different durations and prices under one service.

Adjusting service details with options for duration and price

Click Done to add them to your service calendar.

Schedule availability

Use Schedule availability to define your business hours for the calendar and services.

Employees can create reservations beyond the set hours, and services may also extend past these time ranges. Customers will not be able to create reservations that go beyond the set availability.

Enable the toggle next to each day to set operating hours. Use the Add time button to add multiple periods per day, accommodating breaks or setup times.

Toggle off the days when the service is not available for reservations.

Managing business hours for a service calendar

Bookable resources

You can set specific Employees and Locations for the calendar you are adding. At least one bookable resource must be enabled per service calendar.
Configuring bookable resources in a service calendar


Once enabled, click Edit. Then, select from your list of employee profiles to be assigned to the calendar. For example, this could be used to assign employee profiles as teachers for golf lessons.

Click Done to save your employee selections for the calendar.
Checklist for assigning employees to a service calendar


Once enabled, click Edit. Then, choose the location(s) you want to be bookable for this calendar. For example, add Simulator Bay 1 and Simulator Bay 2 to your Simulators service calendar. 

Click Add location to add more as necessary. Write in the location's name and click Save.

Locations are shared across all service calendars.

Click Done to save your location selections for the calendar.
Checklist for assigning locations to a service calendar

Once all calendar settings are correct, click Save at the top right corner of the screen.
Save button for adding a new service calendar

Editing a service calendar

You can edit service calendar settings after a service calendar has been created. This allows you to adjust the calendar's general information, services, schedule availability, and bookable resources after it has been created.

  1. Navigate to Scheduling in the sidebar.
  2. Select the service calendar to edit from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the settings button on the top-right side of the calendar.

Service calendar settings button

Deleting a service calendar

Only service calendars that do not have any active or future reservations can be deleted. Reservation history for deleted service calendars is permanently deleted and can not be recovered.

  1. Navigate to Scheduling in the sidebar.
  2. Select the service calendar to edit from the drop-down list.
  3. Click on the settings button on the top-right side of the calendar. 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom and click Delete service calendar.
  5. Click Delete calendar in the confirmation box.

Delete service calendar button within service calendar settings

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