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About scheduling

Lightspeed Golf is currently offering access to the Scheduling module through a private beta. If you are interested, please contact your Account Manager to learn more.

Understanding scheduling

Lightspeed Golf's Scheduling module is the ideal tool for managing a variety of services at your golf club. It allows employees to reserve facilities such as on-site simulators, lessons, club fittings, and sports courts like tennis and pickleball for your customers. This helps to streamline reservations for these services while enhancing the overall club experience for your customers. Your feedback and experiences using the Scheduling module are highly valued, feel free to share them with your Account Manager.

Customers receive email notifications 24 hours in advance of their reservations, as well as when the reservation is confirmed, edited, or cancelled. Scheduling reservation history can be found under Reservations in a customer's profile.

Accessing scheduling

Once the Scheduling feature has been enabled for your club, all employees can access it from the Scheduling button on the left-hand menu.

Scheduling highlighted in the sidebar

The first time you access scheduling, you will be directed to create your first service calendar. You can find more information about creating a service calendar in our help center.
Initial setup screen with Add New Service Calendar button

Once a service calendar is created, you will be able to access the calendar view for your scheduling reservations from the Scheduling button on the left-hand menu.

Example scheduling calendar view

Using filters and views

Depending on the service you have added a calendar for, be sure to adjust the sorting and filters for your convenience. It may be easier to read the calendar for certain services when filtering by Location for pickleball courts, or filtering by Employee for private golf lessons.

View and filtering options to sort scheduling reservations by employee or location

Changing calendars and dates

Click on the calendar's name to access more service calendars from the drop-down list. Then, use the date button or arrows to navigate through future or past dates.

Dropdown menu for adjusting the date

Reviewing scheduling history

Scheduling reservation history report example results

A scheduling history report can be found in Reports to help you keep track of scheduling reservation history. In it, you can select different date ranges using the calendar button. You can also click on the Export report button to export the results to a .CSV spreadsheet file.

Report menu highlighting Scheduling History report
You can also review scheduling reservation history in the reservation tab of customer profiles. This can help you find information about specific customers.
Golfer Reservation History 2.png 

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