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Accessing key reports

This guide provides an overview of key reports crucial for reconciling payments and addressing reporting discrepancies within the Lightspeed Golf, Lightspeed Retail (R-Series), and Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series) products.

Lightspeed Golf - Payments (CNP) reports

There are multiple reports that help you review reports for Lightspeed Payments Card Not Present (CNP).

Overview report

The overview report provides instructions on how to navigate payouts and track payments. It guides you on how to access detailed information about specific transactions and where to find comprehensive reports. 

Payments report

The payments report explains how to filter the payments list by transaction type and date, and how to view detailed information about each transaction. 

Payouts report

The payouts report provides a detailed guide on how to use and understand the payouts report. It explains how to access the report, what information it includes, and how to analyze individual payouts. 

Documents report

The documents report provides access to past fee statements, allowing you to track processing fees by card type for each month. This report is a valuable resource for reviewing and understanding your monthly card processing fees.

Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) reports

Payments received

The Payments Received report in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) provides a comprehensive view of all payments received within a specified date range. This listing is crucial for tracking and reconciling payments. It can be found as the Received report in the Payments section of Reports.

Sales by Category reports

There are three main ways to access sales by category reports:

  • The Filtering Sales by Category article provides a step-by-step guide on how to view sales figures by item category through the Lines report. This includes instructions on setting the date range and selecting a category for effective report generation.
  • Sales figures can also be found by navigating through the Category report under Grouped Sales Totals. Click on the eye icon representing the category in question to view the figures.
  • The Sales by Category report is an alternative report that also shows the same information. However, this report does not let you navigate into the related sales directly.

Note that categories need to be created and assigned to products for these reports to hold correct information.

Partial report

Partial payments in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) are payments associated with incomplete sales, and their proper management is crucial to ensure accurate financial records and reporting. The Completing sales in the Partial Payments report article guide you on managing these partial payments. It outlines steps to verify if funds were captured and how to complete or reprocess the sale accordingly. These transactions are tracked in the Partial Payments report until resolved.


Voiding a sale removes the payment and sale from your sales history and returns the item to inventory, but the transaction remains in the Voids Report. The ability to void a transaction depends on the payment gateway used and whether the sale is in progress or completed. Importantly, voided transactions will not be sent to any integrated accounting software unless they are voided on the same day they were created. These articles explain the process of voiding a sale and the basics of voids within Lightspeed Retail (R-Series).

Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series) reports

Summary report

The Summary report in Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series) provides comprehensive revenue, tax, discount, and product sales information for extended periods of up to a year. It offers insights into tax collected, revenue generated, year-to-year comparisons, top-selling categories, tips collected, number of customers served, discounts applied, refunded products, and sales from midnight to midnight. The report can be generated and exported as a PDF or CSV file from the Restaurant Manager.

Export data

The Export data article guides you on how to export raw data from Lightspeed (L-Series) into a CSV file for easier analysis with spreadsheet software. You can specify a date range and locations and choose to export various data categories including Receipts, Receipt Items, Payments, Taxes, Modifiers, Users, Products, and Categories. It's important to note that the Payments section of the exported data closely aligns with the Payments Received report in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series), making it an ideal choice for viewing payments received within a specified date range.

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