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June product updates

Chronogolf by Lightspeed Marketplace


Sort search results by online booking

Clubs offering online booking now appear at the top of the search results, making it easier for golfers to find them!


Reduced search load times

We've enhanced the marketplace search function. The update significantly reduces load times, offering our customers a smoother and more efficient browsing experience.


Improved update results button

We've improved the map functionality. The update result button, previously only visible when users dragged the map, now also appears when users zoom in or out. This enhancement provides a more comprehensive and user-friendly experience.


Expanded search radius

The search radius on the marketplace has been expanded to about 100 km, providing users with a wider range of clubs in search results.

Lightspeed Golf admin


Course Position

Clubs can now adjust the order in which courses appear in the booking widget and mobile app, enhancing customization. Learn more. golf-june-product-updates.png


Google Analytics 4 tracking now available

We now support Google Analytics 4 integration, allowing golf clubs to continue tracking user behavior with the new Google Analytics system. Learn more.


Expiration for Tax Compliance Raincheck

Clubs now have the ability to enter an expiration date for tax complaint rainchecks. This enhancement simplifies the process of tracking liability and recognizing revenue. Additionally, the system automatically verifies if a raincheck has expired when golfers apply it. For added convenience, the expiration date is now incorporated into Business Intelligence reports.

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