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Lightspeed Payments resources for Retail (R-Series) and Restaurant (L-Series)

This article is related to Lightspeed Payments for Retail (R-Series) and Restaurant (L-Series). For information on Lightspeed Payments Golf Card Not Present (CNP), please refer to the relevant articles.

This article will help you find the information you need for Lightspeed Payments in Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) and Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series).

Setup and reporting

Lightspeed Retail (R-Series)

  • Need help setting up your Lightspeed Payments account in Retail (R-Series)? Our detailed guides can assist you.

  • Learn about payment terminals compatible with Retail (R-Series) from our comprehensive hardware guides. Ensure you've identified your device correctly using the included images.

  • Simplify your transaction processing with Lightspeed Payments in Retail (R-Series) with our comprehensive guides.

  • Get insights on Lightspeed Payments reports in Retail (R-Series) from our in-depth articles.

  • Refunds and exchanges are an essential part of retail operations. Understand how to handle them in Retail (R-Series) with our comprehensive guides.

  • Navigate chargeback management effectively with our comprehensive guides.

Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series)

  • Set up your Lightspeed Payments account in Restaurant (L-Series) effortlessly using our step-by-step guides.

  • Explore payment terminals compatible with Restaurant (L-Series) in our dedicated hardware guides. Identify your device using the included images.

  • Deepen your understanding of transaction processing with Lightspeed Payments in Restaurant (L-Series) through our comprehensive guides.

  • For a complete overview of Lightspeed Payments reports in Restaurant (L-Series), refer to our reporting articles.

  • Occasionally, you may need to refund products in the Restaurant (L-Series) setup. Find out how with our detailed article.

  • Learn effective strategies for processing chargebacks with our detailed guides.

Quick tips and best practices

  • The settlement amount equals the transaction amount, minus any fees and refunds. We follow a 'transaction plus two days' schedule for settlements:

    • Monday sales -- Wednesday payout
    • Tuesday sales -- Thursday payout
    • Wednesday sales -- Friday payout
    • Thursday sales -- Monday payout
    • Friday and weekend sales -- Tuesday payout


  • An iPad can only pair with one device at a time. Proper pairing ensures smooth functioning of your iOS payment terminals.

  • While operating a beverage cart, note that only the v400M payment terminal offers standalone mode. To use this feature, ensure our Restaurant (L-Series) support team has prepared your account, you have an iPad with cellular capabilities, and manually enter sales into Lightspeed Restaurant (L-Series) after processing through the v400M payment terminal.

Contacting support

  • Our dedicated support teams for Retail (R-Series) and Restaurant (L-Series) are always prepared to assist. Please consider exploring our in-depth resources and help center guides prior to reaching out. If your queries remain unresolved, don't hesitate to contact our teams for further assistance.

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