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Lightspeed Payments overview report

This article pertains to Lightspeed Payments Golf - Card Not Present (CNP). For Retail (R-Series) or Restaurant (L-Series) Lightspeed Payments information, see the corresponding article.

This guide will help you navigate your payouts and track payments within the system. It provides key figures for your payouts, payments, and general account information.

Managers and owners can find this report in the Reports section, under Lightspeed Payments.

Screenshot of the Golf reports section in Lightspeed Payments

Selecting View All Payments or View All Payouts will direct you to the payments and payout reports, respectively. Clicking on a specific date of payment or payout will provide detailed information about the selected transaction.

Screenshot of the payments and payouts overview in Lightspeed Payments

For more comprehensive details, please refer to the specific Payments and Payouts reports within the Reports section.

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