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February product updates

Chronogolf by Lightspeed Marketplace


Marketplace redesign
Redesigned marketplace

We are very excited to share the new Chronogolf by Lightspeed Marketplace home page & infrastructure! Marketplace visitors will now experience a new look and feel at www.chronogolf.com. We also released a new robust foundation that will allow us to add new features, coming soon!


Account verification
User verification

We are introducing a new user verification process to strengthen security measures. New users that signup for a Chronogolf account from the Marketplace or mobile app will need to verify their identity. They will receive an email with a code that they will need to enter when logging into their account for the first time.


Marketplace password policy

We have changed the marketplace's password policy to at least 12 characters. Moving forward when a customer creates an account or updates their password, it must be set to 12 or more characters. This will not impact existing users who do not choose to update their passwords.

Lightspeed Golf admin


Employee role permission for editing player typesEditing player types

We have added a toggle for employee roles to let you decide if you want all of your employees to have access to changing player types within reservations and customer profiles. This is toggled ON for Owners, Managers, and Assistants and OFF for Booking Agents by default.

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