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About loyalty campaigns

Reward campaigns

You can create reward campaigns for Retail (R-Series) and Restaurant (L-Series).

When you first enable loyalty programs it will create a Retail reward campaign and a Restaurant reward campaign by default. These campaigns cannot be deleted so if you do not want to use them you will want to adjust the points per $ spent to 0. These campaigns are set up as points per $ spent. 

When you want to create any other reward campaigns you will select either Extra Campaign Retail or Extra Campaign Restaurant. These campaigns will allow your customers to accumulate points per $ spent or points per item.

It may best to set the main campaigns at 0 points for both Retail (R-Series) and Restaurant (L-Series) and create new extra campaigns for your main campaigns if you have multiple member types earning different amounts of points.

There are two main reward campaigns that can be set up, points per $ spent, and points per item. These can be set for Retail (R-Series) or Restaurant (L-Series), and you will want to create one for each if applicable to both.

  • These campaigns allow customers to earn points per dollar spent in the POS. For example, earn 10 points for every $1 spent on the items listed in the targets or for all items not listed in the exclusions.

    You can adjust these campaigns to allow only certain items to earn points, as targets. You can also allow all items to earn points except for certain ones as exclusions.Points per $ reward campaign

  • These campaigns give a set amount of points for particular items. For example, every green fee earns 100 points. You will need to set targets for this type of campaign so that the system knows which items earn the set amount of points.

    You will need to enter the SKU for each green fee item if you want to include multiple green fees per player type. If different green fees earn different amounts of points you will want to set up new campaigns for each green fee.Points per item reward campaign

Redemption campaigns

There are 2 different types of redemption campaigns, redeem points per $, and redeem points per item. These can be set for Retail (R-Series) or Restaurant (L-Series), and you will want to create one for each if applicable to both.

  • This type of campaign will appear as a payment type used to pay for transactions. There is no minimum or maximum amount of points that can be redeemed per sale. For example, for a total sale costing $25 dollars, the customer can use $1 or $20 worth of points. The sale will default to pay for the entire transaction or max amount of points available for the customer but this can be manually adjusted.

    The example below is set up so 100 points equal $1 off the transaction. This would mean a transaction of $5 would cost 500 points. There are no restrictions as this is applicable to everything. Points per $ redemption campaign

  • This type of campaign will be a discount assigned to 1 item in the sale. You can only discount 1 item in the sale. If the customer wants to redeem a $10 discount across multiple items it would be better to set up a redemption per $ campaign.

    You will need to create a discount in Retail (R-Series) or Restaurant (L-Series) accordingly and apply the item ID of the discount to the campaign. In Retail, this is the ID number in the discount's URL. In Restaurant, this is the item ID on the discount itself (ie. B4).

    In the example below, it costs the customer 100 points to get a free drink in the restaurant.Points per item redemption campaign The item is D10, which represents the pop product in Restaurant (L-Series).Example pop product to redeem points for The discount is D25, which represents a 100% discount in the restaurant.Example discount to redeem towards

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