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Occupancy pace comparison report

Note: Only Owner and Manager employee profiles are able to access the business intelligence reporting section. Be sure you are logging in to the correct profile in order to find these reports.
All reports and charts can be exported to PDF by clicking on the PDF icon or to CSV by clicking on the three little dots at the top right of each box and selecting download -> CSV File.
You can filter the report by clicking on the right-hand panel and choosing different criteria. Here is where the filters can be found if they are hidden.
This report is only available if your account has been enabled for Advanced Reporting options through Business Intelligence. If you are interested in using this feature, and it has not yet been enabled for you, please reach out to the Lightspeed Golf Support team.

Pace comparison

The pace comparison report allows you to see the occupancy (rounds played) of your course/courses per month, in comparison to the rounds played in the previous years.

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