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Occupancy overview report

Only Owner and Manager employee profiles are able to access the business intelligence reporting section. Be sure you are logging in to the correct profile in order to find these reports. All reports and charts can be exported to PDF by clicking on the PDF icon or to CSV by clicking on the three little dots at the top right of each box and selecting download -> CSV File. You can also filter the report by clicking on the right-hand panel and choosing different criteria. Here is where the filters can be found if they are hidden.


This report provides a comprehensive overview of your tee sheet occupancy, effectively illustrating how busy your golf course was during different periods. It breaks down the rounds played per time slot by weekday and weekend. The report includes the number of products (carts + green fees) booked per hour of the day. Graphs and charts illustrating monthly occupancy and “days in advance booking” can also be found in this section of your Business intelligence module. These figures and visualizations serve as a valuable tool in understanding the level of activity and customer engagement at your golf course.

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