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Adding new events to the modern events calendar

Adding an event to the modern events calendar

You can create or add new events from the M.E. Calendar section of the WordPress toolbar. You’ll then be able to add an event title and description.

  1. Click on M. E. Calendar in the WordPress admin toolbar on the left side of your screen.

  2. Click on Add Event.

Adding the event title and description

Add more information to your event with a title, description, main content, links, images, and additional headings.

  1. Add headings, content, and styled text in the description.

  2. Add links by highlighting the text to be linked, and choosing the link icon.

  3. Add images by selecting Add Media.

Adding event details

Scroll down towards the bottom of any event page to set the date, start/end times, recurring events, and more.

  1. Add the event date, start time, and end time in the Date and Time tab on the left.

  2. Add recurring events in the Recurring Event tab

Adding an image and publishing the event

After you’ve filled in all your event details, you can add a featured image for the event. Once you’re all done, save the event as a draft, or publish it to make it available for your users.

  1. Set the featured image for the event in the toolbar on the right side of the page

  2. Publish the event to make it available on the site

Learn more about events on the Modern Events Calendar tutorial page.

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