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Managing divi blurb modules

The Blurb module combines both imagery and text to showcase certain features, you can use it to add a list of your company’s services on your homepage. The Blurb Module also allows you to turn your Blurb image/icon and title into a link to your service page. For this example, I’m going to use the Blurb Module to add four featured services to a homepage.

Adding the module

  1. New modules can only be added inside Rows. If you are starting a new page, don’t forget to add a row to your page first. Learn more about Rows here.

  2. Use the visual builder to add a standard section (the blue +) and then a section (green +) with a layout of your choice. The number of columns could be changed afterward.

  3. Then add a Module (text if you want a title on top of your image) to any part of the row.

  4. Click the gray plus button to add a new module to your page.

  5. Click on Blurb

Adding content

  1. Add Title: [enter title of service] under Title

  2. Add Content under Body

  3. Add URL if you want to link it under Link

  4. Use Icon under Image & Icon

Design options

Under design:

  1. Choose Icon Color or add the color code

  2. Use Icon Font Size: YES to choose the size of the icon

  3. Image & Icon alignment to choose Text Orientation

Duplicate options

On the page:

  1. To have multiple blurbs, you can duplicate them easily

  2. Choose the number of columns you want

  3. Duplicate the first blurb

  4. Drag it to the desired area

  5. Edit them afterward

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