This article will explain how to pay a house account by charging a credit card, bank account, cash or check.

These manual payments towards the house accounts should be used in lieu of automatic billing or if you need to re-process the payment. Making a manual payment on a house account before the automatic billing has processed can lead to customer's being charged twice.

  • In Lightspeed Golf, locate the member in the sidebar under customer base

  • Select the member's account and click the House Account tab

  • Scroll down to the Payments History section and Click on Payments

  • Click on Make Payment

    **Lightspeed Payments Golf (card not present) gateway is required in order to use the Make Payment button

  • A payment screen will appear, allowing you pay down the balance of the member at both the Pro Shop and Restaurant departments. Please note, the default will be the current balance, not the closing balance from the previous month, but you may choose closing to pay that amount instead.

  • You will also be able to select one of the 4 payment methods (credit card, Cash, Check, and ACH - ACH only available in the US).

If you do not see the options for cash and check, please contact our support team so they can map these for you. This will map them to the corresponding payment methods in the POS.


If you do not have the Make Payment button and the customer wants to pay in person with their credit card, or you need to use a different payment method than cash or check, you can make these payments directly in Lightspeed Retail or Restaurant.

To pay a house account on Lightspeed Retail, follow these steps:

  • Go to Lightspeed Retail

  • Go to the Customers tab in the navigation bar

  • Select the customer you are looking for and click on Checkout

  • In the sales screen click on Payment on the right hand side

  • Click on Make Payment

  • Enter the amount to be added on the account.

  • Select the tender method to complete the charge and click on Finish Sale.


To pay a house account on Lightspeed Restaurant, follow the next steps:

  1. On the restaurant iPad, open new table

  2. Add the customer to the table and click Pay

  3. Click “Pay Tab” for the amount of the balance on the house account (Note: You may not see "Pay Tab" as this payment type may be called something different at your course. The payment type you want to use here is "Tad Paid")

  4. Then choose the payment method the customer used to pay the balance (ie. Check)

  5. Tap Finalize Sale

Please note, when you are looking at the house account payments on a customer's golf profile you will be able to notice the difference between an auto billing payment and a manual payment:

  • Auto Billing Payment will be listed as "Statement"

  • Manual Payments will be listed at "Payment"

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