How to create customer credit accounts:

  1. From the main navigation bar on Lightspeed, click on Customers > Customers

  2. Look up the customer in question (type out the first or last name) 

  3. In the left sub-menu, click Account.

  4. Under the Create Primary Account section, click +Create account now

  5. Set the appropriate credit limit

  6. Save and return to the main screen

Note: you can also locate the customer through Lightspeed Golf, by clicking on "Show in POS" under Integrations on the Customer Profile. 

To put a charge on the account: 

  1. Attach the customer to the sale

  2. Select the items pertaining to the sale 

  3. When you go to process the sale, click on "Account" as the payment method in order to charge the items to the account. 

To make a payment on the account:

  1. Search for the customer in the customer search bar

  2. Click on "Check out"

  3. Directly open the payment screen with no items in the transaction

  4. Select make payment

  5. Select the appropriate payment type

  6. The payment will be applied to the payment window

  7. Finish the sale to pay off the account

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