At A Glance:

  • It is best to add the simulator to the system by creating its own 1-hole course

  • Tee times should also be created at the necessary intervals

  • Creating a new price sheet to set the price accordingly is required for customers to book themselves into the simulator online


Example Setup:

  • This example represents the recommended setup for a simulator

    • This includes creating a 1-hole course, tee times at a 1-hour interval and using a preexisting public player type to book online

Creating a Simulator Course:

  1. Go to Settings --> Courses, click on Create

  2. Write in a name for the simulator course that will appear when booking online

  3. Set the number of holes to one

  4. Choose a colour for the course

  5. Disable Online Booking until you are ready to accept reservations

    1. Enable this setting when you are ready for customers to book online

  6. Save changes

Creating Tee Times

  1. Go to Tee Times & Pricing and select the Simulator Course under the calendar

  2. Click Create Tee Times

  3. Set the interval as the intended time between simulator reservations

  4. Set the Time Range to indicate when the tee times should be created within

  5. Set the Date Range for which days they should be created, or the pattern of days

  6. Click Create

Creating & Applying a Price Sheet

  1. Go to Tee Times & Pricing and select the Simulator Course under the calendar

  2. Click Price Sheets or the + Prices button under today's date

  3. Click New Pricesheet

  4. Write in a name for the Simulator Pricesheet

  5. Choose a colour for the pricesheet

  6. Click Create price rule and fill in the first price rule with the default player type

  7. Create more price rules as necessary to ensure that the player types that are bookable online have a price and time restriction set, if applicable

  8. Click Create

  9. Click + Prices and select the simulator price sheet, then set how it should repeat through future dates

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